LINGWIN CAMP offers a fully immersive English-speaking environment that is safe, educational, and entertaining for kids and teens ages 7-17. Based on the principles of the Pearson Young Learners programmes and the content and language integrated learning (CLIL) approach, the camp aims to motivate students to practice English in day-to-day communication.

Dates: July 11, 2019 – July 26, 2019

CLIL approach:

We aim to develop language skills through educational and entertaining activities that naturally arouse kids’ interests. Our experienced leaders urge them to communicate effectively in order to reach their everyday goals. Although our focus is to teach English, we see language acquisition as a tool for exploring the world and learning about various subjects. 


The camp is located in the city of Volgograd in southern Russia. The city is well-known for its 450 years of history.

The camp is located in a picturesque, natural oak park beside the Volga River. Summer is a hot season in this region (+30-35C), but the park sits in a small, sheltered valley which provides a more temperate microclimate.

Price: 35,000 RUB* (3,558.84 RMB)

What does the curriculum include?

  • 2 interactive English lessons on weekday mornings
  • creative workshops in English at weekends (art, sports, karaoke, communication, leadership, dance, yoga, intellectual games)
  • role-playing games, discussion clubs, quizzes, contests, projects in English
  • daily English communication with native speakers, Russian teachers, and children.

How many kids are there in the camp? How are kids grouped?

Lingwin’s English 24/7 Camp takes about 100-120 kids for the summer season and up to 60 kids for the winter season.

We divide kids into houses, or teams, according to their age group. Each team has its own wing in the dormitory, so kids live with, share meals, play sports, and spend time together as a team. There are approximately 20 kids on each team. Other activities may combine teams or require kids to intermingle with campers of other ages.

For morning academic lessons, kids are grouped around both their age and English language level (from beginner to intermediate). Academic groups have no more than 14 students.

What happens during the day?


  • 8.00 am wake up
    15-min workout
  • 8-30 am breakfast, tidying up rooms
  • 9-30 am two academic lessons of English with professional teachers and native speakers on weekdays, or workshops at weekends
  • 11-30 am swimming & sports activities (varies depending on weather)


  • 1 pm lunch, team event
  • 2 pm ‘quiet hour’ (sleeping or relaxing in rooms)
  • 4 pm afternoon snack  


  • 4-30 pm team games, projects,
    swimming & sports activities
  • 6 pm dinner
  • 6-30 pm performances, quests, contests, role-playing games, & project activities or workshops


  • 9 pm evening snack
  • 9-15 pm disco
  • 10-15 pm team meeting
  • 10-30 pm personal/shower time
  • 11 pm lights out 

Who are the teachers and leaders in the camp?

Our loving, highly qualified staff are carefully selected and trained for the camp. They genuinely enjoy developing relationships with each child and seek to help them make the most of their time at the camp.

The teachers are professional TEFL specialists who work at the Lingwin language learning center during the school year. Each teacher has, at minimum, a BA with international qualifications (some teachers hold MAs and PhDs). We also hire and train highly motivated university students who major in English and language teaching.

What facilities are available in the camp?

The camp is located just outside of the city in a nature reserve known as Chapurnikovskaya Balka. The reserve is forested with 300 year-old oak trees and beautiful grassy areas, which softens the summer heat and provides a perfect atmosphere for study and leisure. Campers live in brick 2- or 4-story buildings within a secure, gated compound in the middle of the park. Teams of 20 campers stay in blocks of 2 rooms with 4 to 10 beds each. A block has a toilet and a shower. Rooms provide bedside storage furniture, bedding and towels, a wardrobe.

The camp offers:

  • a swimming pool with water recycling
  • playgrounds and a stadium
  • a canteen
  • volleyball & basketball courts
  • a conference hall
  • gazebos and open spaces for team events
  • rope site, fitness and rock climbing spots
  • A 24-hour medical center staffed with nurses and at least one doctor
  • a laundry complex where kids can wash their clothes

The internet can be accessed via Wi-Fi on the premises, but connection is not stable in all areas; campers are also encouraged to abstain from excessive use of their communication devices.

What does the cost include?

  • 14 days of camp:
    • 5 meals a day
    • room accommodation (4-8 teens per room, or 10 kids under 10 years of age per room)
  • LINGWIN ENGLISH 24/7 language training intensive programme
  • Edutainment programme
  • Sports and fitness program
  • Around-the-clock medical care and security
  • 1-2 excursions to local points of interest or museums
  • Transport to/from the airport.

Why choose Lingwin?

  • Developed by professional teachers with rich experience, our program is officially recognized & licensed (License No. 34Л01 №0001592)
  • We have been organizing summer camps since 2015, and more than 600 kids and teens have participated in our program so far, demonstrating great results of increased motivation to study English and ability to sustain communication
  • Our teaching staff includes active and charismatic native-speaking volunteers, as well as professional language teachers who are constantly improving their own language skills
  • The cost of our language immersion program is 3 times less than a similar European or British program
  • Flights to Russia are 1.5 times cheaper thank going to the UK or US, and visas are easy to obtain ($600-700 round trip from Shanghai to Volgograd, $50 visa)
  • We can add a week’s stay in Volgograd with guided tours and excursions within the area. Quotes and conditions are provided on request.

* Not included into the price:

  • Visa expenses – $50 USD https://rusconshanghai.mid.ru/zh_CN/-1
  • Travel expenses Volgograd-Moscow-Shanghai — ~ $600-800 USD
  • Expenses for additional stay & catering beyond the camp dates – available on request
  • Tours around Volgograd – available on request

CONTACT US: info@lingwin.ru, 247@lingwin.ru +78442-980611